Gambling Regulations in Las Vegas, Nevada: What You Need to Know

Gambling is a popular pastime in Las Vegas, Nevada, but there are certain regulations that must be followed. Licensed gambling is legal in the state, but there are limits on the number of slot machines and other games that can be operated. Additionally, the location of gambling establishments is regulated and new technologies and games must be approved by the Board. The definition of “game of chance” in Nevada is “any game played with cards, dice, equipment, or any mechanical or electronic device or machine to obtain money, property, checks, credits, or any representative value.” This includes slot machines and other games of chance.

Restricted license and restricted play means a gaming license for, or an operation consisting of, no more than fifteen slot machines. New unrestricted gambling facilities in Clark County must be located in a business gambling district (GED).A “game of skill” is defined as “a game in which the player's skill, and not chance, is the dominant factor affecting the outcome of the game, determined over a period of continuous play”. Any gambling company authorized to operate in Nevada must certify that all its games in all states are random. Many companies commission the testing of their games to the highly respected Gaming Laboratories International, which tests in 475 jurisdictions around the world. In Las Vegas, for example, casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip must receive licenses from the Clark County Business Licensing Department, and casinos located in downtown Las Vegas must obtain licenses from the City of Las Vegas Business Licensing Department.

In addition, Nevada sports and racing bookmakers allow customers to remotely bet on approved games and events on their mobile sports betting apps (as long as the bets are placed in Nevada).The Board will study ways to streamline new gaming technologies and approvals for game modifications. In the event that the game or the rules of the game, including the probability and the award of the outcome, change from one game to another during a game session, the notification of the change must be visible to the player. This allows Nevada to introduce new technologies and games more quickly in the future. In conclusion, while gambling is legal in Nevada there are certain restrictions that must be followed. These include limits on the number of slot machines and other games that can be operated as well as restrictions on where gambling establishments can be located.

Additionally, new technologies and games must be approved by the Board before they can be used.

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